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Times Research Consultant (TRC) is one of the leading academic research consultant website, which provides online research report writing support, which minimizes time duration of research work more than 60 %. It is covering a wide range of academic disciplines. TRC will serve the worldwide researchers, academic communities and contribute to the growth of research activities and basic researches and present social and scientific knowledge by distributing scientific information, and online solution of research problems and document advancement in scientific research. It reduces the gap of distance between researcher and supervisor, where ever they are available in the world of internet. It also organizes video conferences, which adds-on knowledge in the literature and builds up confidence in young beginner researchers. It further mobiles research communities, which feel difficulty in reaching in different locations due to constrains of time and money. Meanwhile, it publishes research journals, which serves research community and makes their research work to be read and cited online rapidly because of major online circulation, and get their papers downloaded free of cost

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TRC Advisory Team

Ikhlaque Ahmed

IT Executive

Prof. Dr. Akhlas Ahmed

Director ORIC Greenwich j University

Waqar Usdmani

CEO at Creative Mind

Mazhar Ali Dootio


Jawed A. Qureshi

Director Strategy and Development at Newton Healthcare (Pvt.) Ltd.

Prof. Dr. Gobind M. Herani

CEO Times Research Consultant Professor of Economics at Malir University of Science and T